Doula BirthWork Consultation

Doula BirthWork Consultation

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Hello, I offer all-inclusive family doula services.

This entails pre-natal visits, labor + delivery, as well as postpartum term. I incorporate fashion styling, emotional support, couples support, and well as lifestyle + herbal remedies + rituals to go about your pregnancy. <3
By booking this appointment with me—  we’ll discuss your current health status, safest and healthiest birth plan for you and your baby, what to expect during pregnancy, postpartum plan for you, baby, and partner, as well as breastfeeding support!

* appointments lasts from 30 minutes to 45 minutes 

 *$25 consultation fee will be added to the full amount of my doula services if we decide to move forward with this process. 

I specialize in holistic natural birth work but also accept clients who chose to go another route (hospital births)